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Student Activities

The Office of Student Engagement offers a large variety of programs for students. From live music and cookouts to video game tournaments and dancing, our students have the opportunity to interact with each other in all sorts of ways. Many of our campus events come directly from student suggestions.

Types of activities

With more than 100 events to enjoy each year, you’ll have plenty to do when you’re not studying.

  • New Student Orientation: OSE helps facilitate a lot of the Student Orientation magic.
  • Welcome Week: Welcome Week invites all students to participate in a week’s worth of activities each August.
  • Homecoming: Each year, OSE leads a week full of events that lead up to the annual Homecoming.
  • Family & Friends Day: Family & Friends Day is OSE’s way of inviting your support system of family and friends to campus for an incredible day of music, fun, and relaxation.
  • Tournaments: Throughout the year, Intramurals offers tournaments and events for you to show your skills in various recreational games and activities!
  • Commuter Events: Commuter Coffee Carts, picnics, early movie showings, on campus field trips, and more await the commuter who wants to get involved on campus.
  • Orange Outs: Orange Outs help make Indiana Tech’s athletic events a fun and energetic atmosphere.