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  • Indiana Tech Students: Free
  • Indiana Tech Staff & Faculty: Free
  • Immediate Family of Faculty, Staff:* Free
  • Single day pass (individual): $5

*Immediate family refers to spouses or children 18+

PlanCommunity MembershipsAlumni Memberships
1 month$20$10
6 months$100$50

Fitness Center Policies

Memberships + Personal Training

  • All Fitness Center memberships and personal training sessions can be purchased at the Fitness Center main desk
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the Fitness Center
  • No tobacco or alcohol is allowed
  • No outside personal training is allowed

Membership ID Cards

  • You must have your ID card in order to use the facility
  • New membership cards must be picked up from security with proof of purchase


  • Day passes can be purchased at the front desk
  • All drop-ins must abide by all Fitness Center rules

Locker Rooms

  • There are locker rooms for both men and women.
  • Patrons may bring their own lock
  • Locks are available for use from the front desk
  • All locks left on lockers over 24 hours will be cut off and the contents will be sent to security. All unclaimed items will be disposed of in 30 days


  • Blue jeans are not permitted while working out
  • Patrons must wear closed toe athletic shoes
  • Patrons must always wear a shirt, tank top, etc while working out
  • All bags, backpacks, and purses must be kept in the locker rooms. No bags are allowed in the workout areas
  • Fitness Center staff will not keep an eye on bags or keep them behind the desk for patrons

Safety and Conduct

  • Collars must be used on barbells when lifting
  • Do not drop or slam weights repeatedly
  • Patrons are required to pick up any plates, dumbbells, jump ropes, yoga mats and return them to their storage areas
  • Patrons are required to spray and wipe down all stations and equipment after use
  • Please be courteous to all other Fitness Center patrons and the staff
  • For any emergencies or injuries please contact the front desk. Dial 911 for medical emergencies

Dance Room

  • The dance room is only available to be reserved by Students, Staff, and Faculty. It needs to be reserved 48 hours in advance. Please call 260.422.1376 ext 2427
  • Patrons are responsible for picking up all weights, mats, and yoga blocks that they get out.
  • All trash should be disposed of in correct trash cans
  • The volume on the music player should be kept to an appropriate level. The Fitness Center Staff will make the determination if there is a question about the music volume being too high
  • The blinds in the Dance room are to be kept up at all times except when fitness classes are going on


  • The track direction changes daily. Clock-wise on the even days of the month and counter-clockwise on the odd days of the month. The lane assignments are as follows: Inside lane/Running – Outside lane/Walking
  • Joggers should use a courtesy passing rule “passing on your right/left” before passing a walker or runner. Please look behind you for oncoming runners before passing
  • Groups of two or more runners/walkers should not walk abreast in order to allow faster runners/walkers to pass


  • The Fitness Center is used throughout the academic year for home athletic events that may require the closing of all locker rooms and/or the entire Fitness Center
  • Check for updates at the Front Desk