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Movies at the Magee

The Magee-O’Connor Theater is a fun place for students to kick back, munch on free popcorn, and enjoy a film or two. For upcoming movies and show times, check the middle pillar by the theater. The movie and concessions are free to Indiana Tech students, staff, and faculty.

If you have a movie idea, please email Sarah Claassen at 

Additional info

When students, faculty, staff, or student organizations want to reserve the Magee-O’Connor Theater in order to show a movie, they have to consider whether they need to purchase public performance rights. According to the U.S. copyright law (Title 17, United States Code, Section 110), a public performance is any screening of a videocassette, DVD, videodisc, or film which occurs outside of the home, or at any place where people are gathered who are not family members, such as in a school, library, auditorium, classroom, or meeting room. Under certain circumstances the university does not have to purchase these rights if the viewing meets the educational exemption criteria.

Recognized student organizations that show movies in the theater are responsible for several things related to their movie. Organization members help in the concession stand the night of the movie, are often asked to do an introduction to the film, and are responsible for the marketing of the event. If an organization would like to host a movie night but does not have the money to purchase the public performance rights, The Office of Student Engagement may be able to help. Please contact Sarah Claassen for more information.

Organization leaders should contact us six weeks in advance with a proposal of what movie they would like to host and what they it will contribute to campus culture.