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General Interest Organizations

Life of Creativity (LoC)

Type: General Interest
Art of Expression (AoE) is an aggregation of student artist who come together to enhance the characteristics of a culture of originality by providing a comfortable environment for individuals to express their limitless imagination.

Black Excellence Association (BEA)

Type: General Interest
The purpose of the Black Excellence Organization (BEA) organization is to educate, empower, and engage members of the Indiana Tech and local communities about issues faced by African Americans and to work towards creating change that will decrease inequities confronting African Americans and other ethnic minorities in society. BEA is also committed to building alliances with other organizations and offer all students the opportunity to learn about the African American culture, as well as provide them with skill sets that will help them become respected leaders of the future.

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Chi Alpha Student Ministry

Type: Religious/ Spiritual
To develop the spiritual life and abilities of the students in relation to God, to each other, and the world.

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Multicultural Club

Type: Cultural
The Multicultural Club hopes to add diversity to the Indiana Tech campus and enhance good relationships between international students and domestic students.

Psychology Club

Type: Academic
The purpose of the Psychology Club is to increase understanding in the field, facilitate interaction among students, and enrich student’s social experiences.

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Warriors in Christ Association

Type: Religious / Social

Warriors In Christ is a faith based Christian organization at Indiana Tech. We strive to bring awareness and a safe place to fellowship and worship Christ.  Our motto is “You can be authentic and still serve Christ.  Please join us!

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