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Commuter Life

Being a commuter is a different experience than living on campus. Some students never live off campus and others take the plunge after experiencing residential living for a while. Either way, The Office of Student Engagement has some things just for these students.

  • Commuter Coffee Carts: Once a month commuters can count on The Office of Student Engagement to bring out doughnuts, coffee, juice, and fruit to the academic buildings with event information pertinent to them.
  • Commuter Picnics: There are some times The Office of Student Engagement brings commuters together for a free lunch out in our green spaces.
  • Commuter Appreciation Events: These are spontaneously presented, and commuters might show up to some surprise rewards “just because.”
  •  Movie Showings: The Office of Student Engagement invites all of our commuter students to participate in the free movies that are shown on campus for all students.

Commuter FAQ

There can be some unique challenges for commuters. Here is a collection of answers for their frequently asked questions.

Where can I park?

Commuters can park in any parking lot which is marked “C” on the campus map. We encourage students who have classes during peak times to arrive early to ensure that parking does not keep them from getting to class.

Information on purchasing a parking pass can be found on our parking permits page.

Can I eat in the dining hall?

Yes! Commuters are welcome to eat, study, and meet with other students in the dining hall. You can eat a lunch you brought with you or purchase a meal plan from the Business Office. By purchasing a limited meal plan, you could have a “store” of meals waiting for you on those days where you are too busy to get off campus or you left your lunch on the kitchen counter at home. You can pay with cash or credit card for individual lunches if you choose not to buy a limited meal plan.

Where can I access a computer lab on campus?

Some labs are restricted to certain majors or classes, but some are open to all students. You can access computers/printers at the following locations:

  • McMillen Library
  • Zollner Engineering Center, Rooms 104 & 102
  • Cunningham Business Center

Where can I heat up my lunch?

Your soup must be hot, it’s true. Microwaves can be found across campus, such as the atriums in Zollner and Cunningham, and you can even use the one in the Dining Hall in Andorfer Commons.

Can I get discounts for being an Indiana Tech student?

Yes! There are local businesses who give students from our university discounts. Check the student discount list. Check it regularly for changes.

I’m not a commuter yet, but I want to move off campus next year. How do I start?

Remember there are certain requirements to get a housing release or exemption. You can learn more about that by visiting the student housing page and obtain the Housing Release Request form.