Indiana Tech offers a multitude of intramural sports for student participation while on campus. Each league is active during a different time of the year. If you want to join a league, be sure to familiarize yourself of the time frame listed below, so you know when to sign-up.

  • Fall: Flag-Football, Indoor Volleyball, Dodge ball, Bowling
  • Spring: Billiards (Pool), Handball, Floor Hockey, 5 v 5 Pro-League Basketball, 3 v 3 Amateur Basketball, Dodge ball

Information about each league is provided below.

2017-18 Intramural Leagues

Flag-Football Sign-up
Indoor Volleyball Sign-up
Dodgeball Sign-up
Bowling Sign-up
Ping Pong Sign-up
Billiards Sign-up
Arena Football Sign-up
5 v 5 Pro-League Basketball Sign-up
3 v 3 Amateur Basketball Sign-up